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Furnace Fireplace and Air Conditioner Protection Plans

Heating and Cooling Plans

A Superior Home Comfort Plan provides home owners with the assurance that if any unexpected problems occur with their heating or cooling equipment, service and repairs are going to be looked after promptly and efficiently.

You can choose either a full “Protection” Plan which includes a full annual cleaning and maintenance check for the safe and efficient operation of your equipment OR the “Parts” Plan which is a parts and labour coverage plan.

Both the “Protection” and “Parts” Plan give you 24 Hour priority service should any problems occur.

We can’t make your heating or cooling equipment last forever. No one can. But with a service plan, if anything goes wrong with your equipment, you won’t have to worry about it. We will.

Superior “Protection” Plan

Our Protection Plans protect you from costly repairs from any unexpected equipment problems that might occur. This plan has parts and labour coverage as well as an annual Maintenance Check and cleaning for the safe and efficient operation of equipment.

Heating or Cooling Protection Plan includes:

  • Furnace or Air Conditioner Maintenance Check and Cleaning
  • Parts and labour coverage
  • 24 Hour priority emergency service for one full year

Combo (heating and cooling) Protection Plan:

  • Both furnace and air conditioner Maintenance Check and Cleaning
  • 24 Hour priority emergency service for one full year
  • Complete parts and labour coverage on any breakdown for one full year

Fireplace Protection Plans can be added to any Heating Protection Plan or Combo Protection Plan.

  • Fireplace Maintenance Check and glass cleaning
  • Parts and labour for one full year

(Cleaning and maintenance check included)

  • Heating or Cooling – $240.00 + H.S.T.
  • Seniors Heating or Cooling – $228.50 + H.S.T.
  • Heating & Cooling – $380.00 + H.S.T.
  • Seniors Heating & Cooling – $361.80 + H.S.T.
  • Fireplace – $100.00 + H.S.T.
  • Seniors Fireplace – $95.00 + H.S.T.

Fireplace Plan must be purchased in conjunction with one of the other plans.


Superior “Parts” Plan

Our Furnace or Air Conditioner Parts Plan
Protects you from costly repairs from any unexpected equipment problems. This Plan has parts, labour and service call coverage.

  • On site equipment verification
  • Parts and labour coverage
  • 24 Hour priority emergency service for one full year


  • Heating or Cooling – $165.00 + H.S.T.
  • Seniors Heating or Cooling – $156.25 + H.S.T.
  • Heating & Cooling – $255.00 + H.S.T.
  • Seniors Heating & Cooling – $242.25 + H.S.T.

*Eligibility for seniors is 60 years +
*Equipment must be in proper working condition prior to acceptance onto the plan. Acceptance of any equipment to these plans will be at Superior Home Comforts discretion.

Equipment specific coverage for protection Plan Options is outlined below:

1. Heating Equiptment:
Forced Air Furnaces, Wall Furnaces, Space Heaters, Air Handlers
Parts and Labour coverage includes all components inside the casing of the unit with the exception of the heat exchangers. The thermostat is included in the coverage. Furnace filters, seasonal light-up, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, heat recovery ventilators and heat pumps are excluded from coverage. Coverage does not include ductwork, gas piping, venting or electrical supply to the equipment.

Boiler Heating Systems
Parts and labour replacement on boiler heating systems includes: burners, orfices, gas valves, electronic ignition system, relays, flame spreader, pilot burner, thermo-couple/generator, limit controls, transformers, power burner motor, ventor motor assembly, rollout switch, condensate pump, automatic vent damper/motor assembly and aquastat controls. Parts and labour not covered include: fire box combustion chamber, draft diverter and venting systems, de-liming of boiler heat exchangers, draining/filling un-valved expansion tanks, circulating pumps external to the boiler casing, radiators, or any work considered to be plumbing.

2. Central Air Conditioning:
Plan is valid on residential central air conditioners used in residential applications only. Parts and labour coverage includes refrigerant leaks, blower, components inside the condensing unit and the thermostat. Air conditioners acceptable for Protection Plan coverage must be free of leaks and in working order prior to acceptance into the program. Plan does not include replacement of defective condenser unit or replacement of leaking indoor coils. Air conditioning service will not be provided after regular business hours, but will be given priority service on next regular business day.

3. Natural Gas Fireplace: (Available only as an Add-On to Heating Protection Plans)
Fireplace parts and labour coverage includes all parts located inside the casing of the natural gas fireplace unit, including the fireplace thermostat. Fireplace coverage excludes parts and labour for replacement of trim and surround materials, log sets, glass, gas piping and venting components. Maintenance check for fireplaces is a safety check of burners to ensure that the unit is operating safely. The fireplace glass will be cleaned at the time of the maintenance check as part of this coverage. Cleaning of the burner, blower and combustion chamber is not included in this coverage – but can be performed by the technician for an extra charge. The fireplace maintenance check will be completed at the time of the heating and/or cooling maintenance check.

* Replacement of the complete heating/cooling unit is not covered under any of these plans.
* Plan is transferable to new home owners, and is non­ refundable.
* Standard thermostats are included with plans – wifi thermostats are not covered.


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